Monthly Meetings

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Meetings are held each month in combination with dog shows in Massachusetts. The meeting is usually scheduled to follow the Samoyed judging on that day. Sometimes there are exceptions such as the annual dinner, picnic and occasional fun days.




Meetings of the members of Minuteman Samoyed Club

The annual meeting and election of officers will be held on

SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2018 @ 12:45 pm in the Mallary Building (Big E),
W Springfield MA
(specific location will be decided by the President after the morning judging is completed)

The ballot for the slate of officers and Board for 2018 is as follows:
President – Marion McNeil
Vice President – Helen Sullivan
Secretary – Bev Delaney
Treasurer –  Cheryl McClosky

Board (select 5)  –   Donna Clark-Thornton,  Art Everly, Lori Perry, Diana Walther, Pete Zezima, Christina DuBois

This year there are 4 shows in 2 days.  The shows are being held concurrently.  The First Gov’s Foot Guard has Rings 1-8,
and the CT River Working Group Specialty has rings 9-15.

Samoyed judging on Saturday is as follows:

First Gov’s Foot Guard –  Ring  4  @ 11:15 am        4-14- (7-5)
CT River Wkg Grp –  Ring 11 @ 2:30     sweeps 1-3, regular classes    3-14 (8-5)

Beverly Delaney, MSC Secretary