MSC 2022 Dues Renewal Form

Here is a copy of the Dues Renewal Form. Just print it out and mail it to Cheryl along with your check. Click the link here to download the form.



    MSC Embroide Me Logo-cropped_edited-1 Minuteman Samoyed Club
2022 Dues Renewal

 To continue Membership your dues must be received by January 1, 2022

Annual Dues

$20   Individual Membership

$25   Family Membership

$15   Associate Membership

No Fee – Junior Membership

Please Complete and Return with Payment



 Kennel Name: ______________________________________________________________ 

Address:  _______________________________________________________

City:  __________________  State:   ____   Zip: _____________

Phone(s): _____________________________          ___________________________________

Email: ______________________________________

Membership type:    Individual __________     Family __________       Associate _________

Total Amount Enclosed:    $ ____________


I hereby authorize the Club to send all Club correspondence to me via email.


 (Member Signature Required)

Checks may be made payable to:  
Minuteman Samoyed Club” or “MSC”

Please return completed forms and payments to:

Cheryl A. McClosky
MSC Treasurer
17 Hickory Hill Lane
Branford, CT 06405