MSC 2020 Dues Renewal Form

Here is a copy of the Dues Renewal Form. Just print it out and mail it to Cheryl along with your check. Click the link here to download the form.

2020 Dues Notice_v1 (1)



 To continue Membership your dues must be received by January 1, 2020


Annual Dues

$20   Individual Membership

$25   Family Membership

$15   Associate Membership

No Fee – Junior Membership

Please Complete and Return with Payment





Kennel Name: ______________________________________________________________


Address:  __________________________________________________________________

City:  ______________________________   State:   __________   Zip: _________________


Phone(s): ______________________________           _______________________________

Email: _________________________________          _______________________________

Membership type:    Individual __________     Family __________       Associate _________

Total Amount Enclosed:    $ ____________


I hereby authorize the Club to send all Club correspondence to me via email.



 (Member Signature Required)

Checks may be made payable to:  Minuteman Samoyed Club” or “MSC”


Please return completed forms and payments to:

Cheryl A. McClosky

MSC Treasurer

17 Hickory Hill Lane

Branford, CT 06405